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Recipe: Quick and easy brownies

Quick and easy brownies

Sarah McNey

January 17, 2018

Being a high school student with a busy schedule, I can never find the time to bake anymore. I missed having a steady supply of desserts on hand to satisfy my sweet tooth. I scoured the aisles of Shoprite for a quick chocolate fix, and pre-made brownie mix became my new best friend. Though it’s...

Recipe: Berry filled Hamantaschen

Berry filled Hamantaschen

Phoebe Drummond

January 17, 2018

My mom, who was raised Jewish, always stocks our cabinets with a few batches of delicious Hamantaschen, a traditional Jewish cookie. But this year, their sweet, buttery taste proved to be extremely versatile. My younger sister is currently a freshman at Red Bank Catholic High School. In her English...

Recipe: Funfetti cake

Funfetti cake

Allie Beekman

January 17, 2018

Michelle Beekman graduated from college over 20 years ago. She was baking cakes then, and she still bakes cakes now. Holiday and birthday cakes are her specialty. With tons of white icing and her Wilton decorating toolkit, she can get to work. Beekman has many fond memories of baking and decor...

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