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NFL star, Joshua Dobbs, inspires many of his story as an under dog.

Touchdowns to Tangents

Aarav Dubal and Brody Salowe January 29, 2024

There are 96 quarterbacks in the National Football League (NFL), each with a unique story as to how they made the league. However, one of these quarterbacks had to face adversities at every turn to compete...

The National Football League’s preseason provides excitement for fans looking forward to football season
and assists coaches in assessing their players. ”American football in Tel-Aviv, Israel” by RonAlmog is
licensed under CC BY 2.0.

NFL preseason throws the ball into the new year Fans

Emma Makin September 21, 2023

By EMMA MAKIN As summer transitions into fall and high school students prepare for a variety of sports teams, football fans across the U. S. eagerly anticipate the start of the National Football League’s...

Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson has been suspended from the NFL  due to numerous sexual misconducts.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson suspended for sexual misconduct

Emma Makin September 15, 2022

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has been charged with an 11-game suspension as well as a $5 million fine as a result of his sexual miscondut scandal. In March of 2022, the Cleveland Browns...

A  minor football league the (USFL) has made an appearance again giving football fans something to watch after the NFL season is over.

Debut of minor pro football league gets the ball rolling

Emma Makin and Dara Fisher May 20, 2022

The National Football League (NFL) season came to a close on Jan. 9, 2022, and the United States Football League (USFL) made their debut not long afterwards on April 16, 2022. The USFL is the new ‘minor...

Duo Brady and Belichick embrace after 2019 Super Bowl Victory.

Brady and Belichick clinch sixth Super Bowl win together

Meredith Prud'homme March 15, 2019

Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, clinched their sixth championship win on Feb. 3, 2019 against the Los Angeles Rams, with a final score of 14-5. After defeating division leaders, the Kansas...

At a Houston high school football game, a coach talks to his team.

NFL fumbles as helmet rule fails to effectively combat CTE

Caroline Monaghan January 25, 2019

The camaraderie of a team. Cheers and adoration from the entire school. Scholarships that could cover college tuition. The reasons to play football in high school are greater than just the love of the...

Health benefits and lasting friendships are among the reasons why students start playing sports.

CHS athletes answer: why did you begin to play your sport?

Michael LaRocca, Michael Rau, and Luke Sassa December 16, 2017

One may not normally associate athletics with Communications High School, but that doesn’t mean CHS isn’t filled with athletes passionate about what they do. And all of them have a distinct reason...

San Francisco 49ers kneel during the national anthem in 2016.

NFL practices protected speech

Madison Vigdor December 10, 2017

It all started with a kneel. Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers at the time, took a knee during the national anthem at a home game against the Houston Texans on Aug. 14, 2016...

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