Brady and Belichick clinch sixth Super Bowl win together

Creative Commons Photo Courtesy of Kirby Lee

Duo Brady and Belichick embrace after 2019 Super Bowl Victory.

Meredith Prud'homme

Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, clinched their sixth championship win on Feb. 3, 2019 against the Los Angeles Rams, with a final score of 14-5. After defeating division leaders, the Kansas City Chiefs, in the playoffs, the Patriots continued their perfect attendance at the Super Bowl for the third year in a row.

At the forefront of the team stands the dynamic duo of quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. The pairing has proven beneficial for the Patriots – prior to Brady and Belichick’s partnership, the Patriot’s hadn’t won any Super Bowl titles.

In a region filled with Giants and Jets fans, the Patriots evoke anger in many sports fans in New Jersey. Both the team’s dominance and scandals have labeled them an untrustworthy team by their NFL competition. For example, their 2015 Super Bowl Deflategate prompted animosity and distrust with sports teams and their fans.

Junior Mike Cielecki of Spring Lake Heights said he believes that the Patriots’ command is short-lived and credits the team’s dominance to a cheating reputation and the consistency of their players.

They have been so dominant because they cheat and because of Tom Brady and Robert Gronkowski,” Cielecki said. “After they lose Brady I don’t think their dominance will continue because Bill Belichick will leave and they will have no one with that much Super Bowl or playoff experience.”

Freshman Mackenzie Carey of Long Branch said she thinks that a team like the Patriots will not come around again anytime soon.

It’s really cool to live while this team creates a legacy that will most likely not be seen again during my lifetime,” Carey said.

Whether a Patriot’s fan or not, their path to victory is not scheduled to take a break anytime soon as they head into next season with Brady and Belichick at the helm.