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CHS students explore the unique sport of badminton.

Peculiar Pastimes: Badminton

Maeve Donovan and Zach Lemberger November 23, 2023

The average flight speed of a bird is 30 to 40 miles per hour. For badminton “birdies,” this estimation increases to 200 miles per hour. Badminton has been around for longer than most people can imagine,...

CHS students debate the possibility of continuing sports in college.

To play or not to play? Sports in college raise dilemma

Logan Clarke and Ronit Khromchenko May 25, 2023

Sports in high school are a daunting commitment for students: not only do they have to juggle their rigorous coursework, clubs and various extracurricular activities, sports are physically demanding. For...

CHS students engage in the peculiar pastime of Gaga.

Peculiar Pastimes: Gaga

Thomas Tilton and Yaritza Reyes Contrera May 25, 2023

Gaga isn’t just a household name known for going overboard on dresses, but is also emerging as a fun, up-and- coming athletic pastime. Gaga ball—gaga for short—is an exciting and competitive activity...

Pickleball has gained lots of popularity recently due to the low cost , easy accessibility, and the flexibility of the sport allows all ages to play.

Peculiar Pastimes: Pickleball

Charlie Raynor September 15, 2022

Pickleball has taken the world by storm. The game, previously known by few people, has now evolved into the fastest-growing sport in America. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, more...

Some CHS students struggle to make it back on time to their home high school for sports resulting in getting punished while others are fortunate to have flexible coaches.

CHS athletes on thin ice due to differing schedules

Aaron Diament, Jordan Denzler, and Ethan Wen May 20, 2022

For CHS athletes, the ball is rarely in their court. While some students enjoy competing for their home high school’s sports teams, others find themselves at a disadvantage merely due to attending CHS. Some...

Students at CHS struggle to balance schoolwork and sports causing some to quit their sports.

CHS athletes struggle to level the playing field

Stella Feinstein May 20, 2022

Balancing coursework and home life is a difficult thing to do, especially at an academically rigorous school like Communications High School. When extracurricular activities are thrown into the mix, the...

College sports are influencing the decision of where high school students are committing to college.

Schools with sports make the cut for senior college commitments

Charlie Raynor May 20, 2022

When the time comes to begin researching colleges, there are common factors most students take into consideration: education, campus environment, tuition and, of course, cuisine. Though, one surprising...

With NJ COVID-19 cases on the decline, winter sports are given the all clear to continue. However, there are still many precautions and concerns.

Is it a “game on” for winter sports?

Ryan Lemberger March 12, 2021

With COVID-19 cases on the decline, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has declared it safe for winter high school sports to begin. However, health officials and parents are concerned that it will contribute...

Despite Myles Garrett’s indefinite suspension for
demonstrating violent behavior, Cleveland Browns fans continue to support the former defensive end and team.

Players tackle penalties on and off the field

Sam Skolnick January 17, 2020

A punch, a spit and a push to the ground are all considered assaults that would likely lead to charges in everyday life. Yet on the football field, these are normal behaviors that go unpunished. However,...

This is Stark’s first year playing volleyball for Manasquan High School’s varsity team, as well as the first year that the school has offered volleyball as an official sport.

Stark serves success on Manasquan Volleyball team

Riley Forrester October 19, 2019

Every time she steps on to the volleyball court, junior Brooke Stark of Manasquan has the same goal in mind: “To play the best I possibly can and to make sure that everyone on my team is ready to play.” This...

Lin competes at the Amateur Athletic Union Diving Nationals at Northside Swim Center in San Antonio, Texas in July of 2018.

Lin makes a splash in competitive diving

Kaitlyn Delaney September 13, 2019

After injuring her elbow from gymnastics in 2016, junior Melody Lin of Freehold Township found herself in search of a new sport to occupy her time. Though Lin lost interest in gymnastics, she explained...

Junior Ainsley Vetter of Wall stunts on the ice

Injuries put CHS students on a break from athletic success

Michael Rau May 10, 2019

Sophomore Zoe Conner-Bennett of Ocean Township had been participating in gymnastics, basketball and softball in seventh grade, but after landing unusually on a trampoline during gymnastics, she never played...

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