Players tackle penalties on and off the field



Despite Myles Garrett’s indefinite suspension for demonstrating violent behavior, Cleveland Browns fans continue to support the former defensive end and team.

Sam Skolnick

A punch, a spit and a push to the ground are all considered assaults that would likely lead to charges in everyday life. Yet on the football field, these are normal behaviors that go unpunished. However, after recent events, the idea of whether NFL players should face charges came into question.

As of 2019, violent behavior on the field is met with suspension or a fine. According to the NFL, if a player engages in on-field fighting, they are fined  $35,096 and $70,194 for their first and second offenses, respectively. Yet, on the NFL corporation’s website, it does not explain a policy for severely violent fights or how the incident is handled legally. 

Myles Garrett’s, a defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, recent headlines shows just how violent fighting on the field can become. On Nov. 15 during a Thursday Night Football game, when Garrett pulled off Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet and struck him with it.

Violent players should face charges for the incidents that occur on the field because they are still subject to the law as citizens of the United States. Although football is a violent game, excessive brutality should be met with legal repercussions.

Sophomore Lakshya Vegiraju from Marlboro explained that players should face the same charges, no matter the setting.

“If they do something that they would face charges for off the field, then they should face charges if they do that on the field as well, legally speaking,” Vegiraju said.

In the future of the famous game, the answer is still unknown as to how the NFL will handle the brutality of their players’ excessive actions that would otherwise lead to charges off the field. However, following recent events, one thing is for sure: the next time a punch is thrown, a fine may not be the only punishment.