Two is better than one: Wheeler joins forces with Clevenger as senior class advisors



Chemistry teacher Erin Wheeler joins the senior class as an additional advisor for their last year.

Isabella Ji

With coronavirus fears halting senior class advisor Ginny Clevenger from returning to CHS, chemistry teacher Erin Wheeler volunteered to be the in-school advisor for the senior class during the 2020-2021 school year.

Clevenger was the sole advisor for the Class of 2021 for the past three years.

This year will only be different due to my location. I am still very much involved in the activities the council is working on but I am attending meetings virtually. Mrs. Wheeler and I will work together to make sure this senior is the best it can be,” Clevenger said.

This year, the senior class is in charge of hosting prom, graduation, the senior picnic and other events. Additionally, the council is in charge of leading their class through Fall and Spring spirit weeks and holding other fundraising events. 

Wheeler is optimistic that this year’s seniors will be able to carry out these events, even if it means having a modified version of them.

“I hope that a lot of the senior events that they… have been looking forward to their whole high school career happen. Like the prom, graduation, some type of senior picnic,” Wheeler said. “I would just like them to get some of the traditional CHS senior activities.”

Senior Fran McCaffrey of West Long Branch, who serves on council, is excited to be working alongside Wheeler as they plan events for this school year.

“I’m really excited about Wheeler joining as an advisor. She makes a great addition to our class and it’s nice to have an advisor in school in case we need to talk about something.” McCaffrey said. “The entire senior class loves her and I know everyone is really happy to have her for our senior year.”