Spirit week continues on day three with scavenger hunt



Fall Spirit Week Day 3 event is a virtual scavenger hunt which tightened scores.

Emma Barofsky

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, students dressed up in a high school stereotype for day three of Fall Spirit Week.

Since all students remotely attended school, they needed to submit photos of their outfits in order to earn points for their grade. After school, Cohorts A and B worked together on completing a scavenger hunt. The first grade that submitted their scavenger hunt to Google Classroom was the winner.

The scavenger hunt began at 12:30 and lasted an hour. It ended with the sophomores taking first place, followed by the juniors, freshmen, and the seniors, respectively.

Senior Anabell Mazzan of Fair Haven participated in the Spirit Week event and in the high school stereotype theme.

“I did enjoy the scavenger hunt. Even if it wasn’t as crazy as it is in person, it was fun to see everybody doing silly things… I did dress up today. I was a nerd,” Mazzan said.

Students searched their houses to obtain the items on the scavenger hunt list. They needed to find a food product that expired in September, a Girl Scout Cookie and a pair of fishing waders.

Although Wednesday was a remote learning day, SGA adviser and health and science teacher Leah Morgan was happy with student participation.

I was pleasantly surprised that at least half of Freshmen, Sophomores and Seniors participated in dressing up and submitting pictures,” Morgan said. “There probably would have been more participation if we were in school, but it was still great!”

At the end of the third day, the seniors are in first place with 274 points, followed by the juniors with 224 joints, the freshmen with 190 points, and the sophomores with 160 points.

Morgan is satisfied with how Fall Spirit Week has been going.“…I think the SGA officers did a tremendous job developing events to provide some fun and games for the students that seemed a little bit like normal,” she said.

Fall Spirit Week will continue Thursday with Decades Day. Cohort B will participate in a relay race while the virtual students will play a trivia game.