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Students of all grades gather around the Penny Wars containers to distribute their final coins.

Senior Super Scav success: Day 4 of Fall Spirit Week

Siofra King October 27, 2022

Abnormally large coffee cups, aprons and spatulas were seen all around the school on Thursday, Oct. 27 for Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad day. Students of CHS chose to dress in corny barbeque aprons or puffy...

Seniors celebrate their dodgeball victory.

Beloved CHS tradition of dodgeball puts seniors in first-place: Day 3 of Fall Spirit Week

Yaritza Reyes Contrera October 26, 2022

Students and staff in the halls of CHS could come across anything from totes to tires carrying school supplies as Fall Spirit week continued on Wednesday, Oct. 26 with “Anything but a Backpack Day.” The...

Senior Joey Esposito, junior Kara Gallagher, sophomore Isabela Delgado, and freshman Lee Haggard compete in the bobbing for apples portion of the Fall Relay.

Sophomores go bobbing for the lead: Day Two of Fall Spirit Week

Hannah Cohen October 25, 2022

Fall Spirit Week continued on Tuesday, Oct. 25 with the theme Bikers vs. Surfers. A sea of leather jackets, bandanas, and Hawaiian flowers cascaded through the halls as students of CHS appeared straight...

CHS students participate in the first day of spirit week by doing a pumpkin painting contest.

The most wonderful time of the year: Juniors start Fall Spirit Week strong

Kara Gallagher October 24, 2022

Leprechauns, construction workers, and even teacher look-a-likes filled the halls of CHS as Fall Spirit Week kicked off on Oct. 24 with the HoliDAY theme. Open to interpretation, the theme left students...

Class of 2023 celebrating their first Fall Spirit Week victory.

Junior class wins Fall Spirit Week

Kristen Gallagher October 29, 2021

Friday, Oct. 29 marked the fifth and final day of the crazy and exciting CHS tradition known as Fall Spirit Week. The theme of the day was Halloween costume, and the lunch event was the Halloween Costume...

Sophomore Molly Deming receiving the news the class of 2024 won the Day 4 scavenger hunt.

Sophomores end the junior’s three-day streak of scavenger hunt wins on Day 4 of Fall Spirit Week

Kristen Gallagher October 28, 2021

Students represented decades through scrunchies, tye-dye shirts, bell-bottoms, and leather jackets to participate in the classic Spirit Week theme day: Throwback Thursday. Thursday was the last scavenger...

Junior Joey Esposito representing the class of 2023 in dodgeball.

Juniors Stay On Top Day 2 of Fall Spirit Week

Andrew Seckular October 26, 2021

When students filed into Communications High School on the morning of Tuesday, October 26, Fall Spirit Week was well underway. The events of the day before - which included a scavenger hunt and Make-A-Monster...

Fall Spirit Week 2020 comes to a close as the Class of 2021 takes the win for the third time in a row.

Class of 2021 wins third spirit week in a row

Maddie Lee November 2, 2020

Fall Spirit Week came to a close on Friday, Oct. 30 with themes of “Dress-up/ Dress-down” for Cohort A and Halloween costumes for Cohort B.  Due to coronavirus restrictions, the SGA came up with...

Fall Spirit Week Day 4 event is a candy-themed relay race, while Seniors keep the first place spot.

Totally tubular: Seniors maintain their Spirit Week lead

Kara Gallagher October 29, 2020

Fall Spirit Week continued on Thursday, Oct. 29 when students got a blast from the past.With the “Decades Day” theme, each class was assigned a different era to dress in the style of. The in-person...

Fall Spirit Week Day 3 event is a virtual scavenger hunt which  tightened scores.

Spirit week continues on day three with scavenger hunt

Emma Barofsky October 28, 2020

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, students dressed up in a high school stereotype for day three of Fall Spirit Week. Since all students remotely attended school, they needed to submit photos of their outfits in...

Fall Spirit Week 2020 celebrates Halloween with Cohort A during the  annual Halloween parade.

Students participate in annual costume contest on day two of Spirit Week

Lana Tomchuk October 28, 2020

Fall Spirit Week continued on Tuesday, Oct. 27 as the in-person students celebrated Halloween with the annual costume parade and contest.  The costume contest consisted of the usual categories of “best...

Fall Spirit Week 2020 starts off with a Kahoot after weather does not corporate with the planned event.

Fall Spirit Week Kicks Off with Kahoot

Ryan Lemberger October 26, 2020

Fall Spirit Week kicked off Monday Oct. 26 looking a little different than usual. The theme was “Monochrome Monday,” where students dressed in one solid color and the lunchtime event was a Kahoot challenge...

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