CHS regains a sense of community after Spirit Week


The unusual 2020-2021 school year regains some normalcy with Spring Spirit Week.

Andrew Seckular

In the middle of the most abnormal school year yet, the SGA managed to pull off the time-honored tradition of Spring Spirit Week to bring unity, school spirit and fun to the hallways of CHS.

As with all events during the pandemic, the SGA had to work harder than ever to accommodate each student.

“The process to pull off Spirit Week was definitely lengthy. Especially for Mr. CHS and Lip Sync, where we had to figure out schedules and figure out how to mimic in-person voting in a way that was accessible for everyone,” said junior Isabella Ji of Holmdel, former SGA council member and current SGA Executive.

After each grade’s lip sync video had been broadcasted to the entire school, the juniors took the lead, receiving 80 points and bringing them neck and neck with the sophomores, who were also vying for first place.

“It felt great to win the Lip Sync battle,” said junior class President Liam Stemetzki of Wall. “Now our class is 2 for 2 in lip syncs and we definitely will look to continue that for the future.”

As the week came to an end, the competition narrowed down between the sophomores and juniors, who were separated by only 50 points. The remaining points could be won in one last event – the iconic Mr. CHS competition.

The difficulty of planning this monstrous event forced a one-week delay, leaving all grades in suspense of who would win until the prerecorded video could be streamed on Friday, May 14.

“The delay of airing Mr. CHS was mainly caused by the whole editing process and getting the video approved,” Ji said. “Overall, the whole process was new to all of us, but I am so happy that we still got to air it and be able to share the video with everyone.”

After one hour of clever introductions, interviews and talents, the live Twitter voting polls closed and the results were finalized.

In a rare spectacle, the results for all five categories pointed towards the same victor: Sophomore Charlie Raynor of Ocean Township. Raynor brought home 185 points, putting the sophomores in the lead with a whopping 570 points.

Though the 2020-2021 school year has been different than most, Spring Spirit Week brought a renewed sense of normalcy.

“It was so exciting to see how many people were… either participating or just cheering their grade on,” Ji said. “It was almost like a regular spirit week.”