Lunch Lady: A Year in the Life


The cafeteria food at CHS is now individually wrapped for sanitary precautions.

Ruth Crawford

Within the CHS community, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected everyone’s lives in big and small ways. This year, Communications students have missed out on traditions that provide an ice breaker into a new school year. 

One aspect of daily school that has changed significantly is the lunch period. Usually lunch is a time for students to socialize, get extra work done, and have fun with their classmates. 

Normally, the lunch room is filled with ping pong tables, vending machines, and other activities for the students to participate in. 

However, in the 2020 – 21 school year, there have been several adjustments.

This system is made possible by CHS staff and faculty. After nearly a year, CHS Lunch Lady, Denise Nekrasz, is back working five days a week. 

Nekrasz explains that throughout this school year, her life has changed just like everyone at CHS when it comes to CDC guidelines.

“I follow the rules just like anyone else,” said Nekrasz. “Wash your hands, wear your mask, social distance.”

Nekrasz continues, discussing that the major change the cafeteria made for COVID-19 was individually wrapping food, which provides students with a more sanitary alternative to the normal CHS served buffet.

“Everything is individually wrapped, you have to pay online, have separate lunches, and we have to clean tables between periods.” Nekrasz states.

Nekrasz explains that the hardest part of being at home for so long was homeschooling her children. Taking care of them and dealing with the touch and go of job security during a global pandemic caused lots of stress.

The unemployment rate jumped from nearly 2% from March 2020 to April 2021. It is important that the people who work hard and benefit the community don’t go unnoticed.

While there is much sympathy for both teachers and students, the support staff at CHS was overlooked during this difficult time. Denise Nekrasz is just one story amongst many of those affected by the Covid-19 school guidelines.