Senior Super Scav success: Day 4 of Fall Spirit Week

Students of all grades gather around the Penny Wars containers to distribute their final coins.


Students of all grades gather around the Penny Wars containers to distribute their final coins.

Siofra King

Abnormally large coffee cups, aprons and spatulas were seen all around the school on Thursday, Oct. 27 for Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad day. Students of CHS chose to dress in corny barbeque aprons or puffy vests to get their theme points for the fourth day of Fall Spirit Week. 

Today’s events  were nothing less than chaos with the annual Super Scav and the final day of Penny Wars. Instead of the usual daily scavenger hunts, this fall there was one Super Scav, with Penny Wars taking the place of the daily competition. 

Right at the sound of the bell signaling the start of lunch, the gallon jugs of pennies were brought out for the last time. It did not take long for a crowd to form all around the jugs in the front hallway as students were trying to add their last pennies and silver coins to get more points for their grade.

Sophomore council member Isabella Remolina of Shrewsbury spoke about her grade’s success in Penny Wars. 

“We were the only ones to fill our bucket, and that just felt like a huge accomplishment  considering how our first two Spirit Weeks went for us,” said Remolina. “We did a complete 180° as a class, and I just think that’s insane.”

Remolina believes that the sophomore class brought in a total of 42,000 pennies. 

However, just fifteen minutes later, the crowd of students around the pennies dissipated when students of all grades gathered in the cafeteria awaiting the reveal of the Super Scav item lists. 

Remolina described the chaos that Super Scav ensued. 

“Most, if not all of the sophomores were participating, which was great, but it just felt never ending,” Remolina said. “It was extremely thrilling, but it was a lot to take in. I watched Katelyn Sandvik get completely run over.” 

Some students brought in random items from home to have a better chance at winning, since the items on the list are often not usually found in a school setting. Students ran around the school looking for items like cupcake liners, flip flops and even a printed-out email from history teacher Bill Clark. 

After points from the Super Scav and theme participation were calculated, seniors stood first place, followed by the sophomores, freshmen and juniors respectively.

“Today I was super excited for scav, and it did not disappoint. I love seeing everyone scrambling throughout the school and working together to win. I hope to see some creative costumes for the parade tomorrow,” said Senior Class President Keegan Foy of Wall Township. 

As the reigning Fall Spirit Week champions, the Class of 2023 looks to hold their title with tomorrow’s Halloween costume parade and theme.