Day two continues with pajamas and jenga

Junior Abi Karl of Monmouth beach competed in the jenga competition.

Marissa Ho

Junior Abi Karl of Monmouth beach competed in the jenga competition.

Mia Gallo

Students flooded the halls of CHS this morning decked out in everything from slippers to onesies to get Fall Spirit Week participation points for their grade on Nov. 1.

Freshman Bella Reilly of Avon felt that Pajama Day was a great experience.

“I really liked pajama day because it’s so much easier to get ready in the morning with a day like that and I also liked how it was the day after Halloween because a lot of people were probably tired after that.” Reilly said.

The scavenger hunt was underway during the first half of the lunch period. Today’s list included items a Snuggie, an iPhone with exactly 63 percent battery, a Rubik’s cube, a Target plastic bag, something with a Rook logo on it and a Color Wars t-shirt, among others. The Class of 2019 won the scavenger hunt today.

Sophomore Greer Shanley of Fair Haven really enjoys this activity.

“It’s so fun running around the school looking for these bizarre items. It is sometimes hard because you may be running around looking for an item that your grade already has, but it’s okay because if you find another one you can just give it to other grades,” Shanley said.

The seniors trailed behind in second place, followed by the juniors in third place and the freshmen in last place.

The lunchtime activity was the Jenga competition. The freshman class were the first to go and also first to be eliminated, followed by the juniors, sophomores and seniors, respectively.

The standings after today’s competitions were the seniors in first place with 115 points, the sophomores in second with 85 points, the juniors in third with 80 points, and the freshmen in fourth place with 55 points.