CHS students are the future

Students participated in the CHS Mock Election Debate.

Audrey Mannion

Students participated in the CHS Mock Election Debate.

Maura DeRose

Whether you supported Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the most recent presidential election, everyone can agree that our country is facing many problems that need to be solved. Luckily, at Communications High School, we are the best students for the job.

In the wake of Trump’s election, many Americans fear that his presidency is a threat to the First Amendment. His proposed ban on muslims entering the United States and threats to sue journalists leave many worrying that freedom of religion and the press are in danger.

The country is facing major issues in areas such as health care, immigration and the economy. No matter if the government is dominated by Democrats or Republicans, everyone can agree that reforms must be made to improve the lives of all Americans.

Through an incredible curriculum, student newspaper and mock election, CHS is turning out the best future politicians, journalists and, most importantly, voters to ensure the rights of Americans and bring about positive change for the U.S.

In effective speech, every student is taught to efficiently communicate his or her ideas. These skills will benefit students their entire lives as they express their political views and work as the policy makers who turn these ideas into a reality.

In mass media, all students learn how to produce content to inform the public and to properly consume media. This class prepares students to create fair and balanced news to best inform voters, learn all the facts when facing tough decisions and to vote for what they truly believe in.

The Inkblot gives editors, writers, photographers and artists the opportunity to exercise their First Amendment rights and produce excellent news and opinion pieces that show what’s going on the in the US and how it relates to the student body. The Inkblot cultivates the best journalists to inform voters and gives student readers the opportunity to take in information and develop their own ideas.

The mock election gave some the opportunity to run a campaign, organize an election and cover the rallies and debate that took place. Most importantly, it taught every future voter at CHS how to examine candidate’s ideas, form their own opinions, and vote for the candidate they most identified with.

For everyone in the U.S., this is a confusing, divided and dark time in our history. But I have complete faith in the students of CHS to ensure that all people continue to have the right to freedom of religion and freedom of the press and that necessary reforms are made to improve life in America.