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After students returned to in-person school, personal Adobe accounts were suspended.

Creating with the Creative Cloud gives CHS an edge

Aaron Diament and Tim Wilburn January 28, 2022

Consisting of over 15 multimedia programs, the Adobe Creative Suite is the industry standard when it comes to graphic design, photo and video editing. When subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud, users...

Many students at CHS follow in their siblings footsteps when deciding to attend.

All in the family: siblings on finding success at CHS

Ethan Wen and Andrew Seckular January 28, 2022

In a small school of around 300 students, many may feel that living in the shadow of a sibling would hinder their own high school experience. However, a large number of siblings have traveled together...

A survey of 67 students from Oct. 30 to Nov. 5

Students reflect on the importance of self-expression

Katherine Manatos November 24, 2021

While Communications High School only plans two official spirit weeks, student’s diverse sense of fashion is seen all year round. Students go about their day in a variety of diverse outfits, ranging...

Students wear blue on first day of Week of Respect, the official color of the Stomp Out Bullying Campaign.

Colors fly to signal annual return of Week of Respect

Justin Longo November 24, 2021

After an unprecedented virtual celebration the year prior, the Week of Respect returned to the halls of Communications High School, bringing along a renewed sense of community and acceptance among the...

Hyper-competitive CHS culture is harmful to students

Hyper-competitive CHS culture is harmful to students

Lillian Chen and Carla Vreeland September 17, 2021

Most eighth graders are not applying to CHS for the honors-level courses, but rather the specialized classes and welcoming environment. Still, it’s inevitable that those who pass the MCVSD entrance exam...

CHS students participate in the 2021 Spring Spirit Week Relay Race, the second spirit week event after numerous event
cancellations and alterations.

CHS’s tightknit community unravels

Julia Homza June 17, 2021

With a largely virtual Spring Spirit Week ending, many CHS students are left with memories of the highlights of school years past. These events are a large part of the community at CHS. Entering high...

Construction crews are beginning to convert this drainage ditch into a tiny swimming pool.

Construction begins on new drainage ditch swimming pool

Evan Kuo May 8, 2020

*This article is satirical* Over the past year, constant construction has been no stranger to CHS students. With workers moving in and out of the building to repair everything from the flooded floor...

Alumni revisit CHS for the day, share advice with students

Brian Schade January 29, 2019

CHS graduates recently had the opportunity to revisit the building and reconnect with former classmates at the annual Alumni Day, held in the cafeteria on Friday, Dec. 21. The event began with a question-and-answer...

Technology teacher Maryanne Rodriguezs jobs outside of school are all education related.

Outside of their daily teaching, CHS faculty have part-time jobs

Jacqueline Geller May 9, 2017

When the bell rings at 2:19 p.m., some CHS teachers will walk out the school’s doors and head to their part-time job. Spanish teacher Karen Britto used to be employed in restaurants and worked as...

Blot photo by Sydney Foo Siam.

Cottrell confirms Design Academy is an enriching creative experience

Isabella Cavazzoni May 9, 2017

The transition from middle school to high school is one brimming with change and potential. Each year, approximately 80 freshmen enter CHS with new stories, ideas and experiences to share with their peers...

Sophomore Summer Ward of West Long Branch wears the CHS Beast in pride

CHS Beast proves to be unique mascot

Jacqueline Geller May 8, 2017

Marlboro High School has the Mustangs. Wall High School has the Knights. And Communications High School has the Beast. Fitness teacher Ginny Clevenger established the mascot in 2004 when a student...

Photo obtained through Creative Commons.

Students show their true colors

Kaitlyn Hammond April 23, 2017

Sophomore Amanda Lavery walks into school with blue hair after having pink hair the day before. It’s just a normal day at Communications High School. For some students like Lavery of Marlboro, having...

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