Android has benefits, Apple lacks


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Some students prefer Android products over Apple products.

Sally Ehlers

The amount of variety in smartphones is overwhelming, even unbelievable, but Apple conquers the industry. As an owner of an Android, I am often questioned about my choice.

“Do you wish you had an iPhone?” they ask. “Why would you buy an Android?”

No, I do not want an iPhone. Apple products aren’t bad, but Android products are better.

As soon as I walked into the cellular store, it was obvious that Android outshines Apple in terms of possibilities. While Apple only has the most recent iPhone – which is practically the same as the previous model – there are many, varied options among Android phones, including Nexus 5, HTC One, Droid Mini, etc. Having many choices allowed me to find the phone that fit my needs best rather than feel obligated to buy the most recent Apple product simply because it is new.

Once I bought my Android I discovered that my phone had many more useful features than Apple products. For example, Apple forces the user to leave all of their apps on their home screen whereas Android allows the user to pick and choose what apps they want shown, and add extra widgets to their home screen.

Android products also have several more passcode options than Apple products– Apple has either a number or fingerprint passcode to unlock the device whereas Android has pattern, number and facial recognition code options. Also, on certain Android devices, there is an option to lock each app individually rather than the whole device. Android’s customizable features make their products more desirable for each unique individual.

Many of my peers with iPhones seem to need a new one every year due to malfunctions. According to a recent report, Q2 2016 State of Mobile Device Performance and Health, 58 percent of iOS devices experienced issues during the second quarter of 2016 whereas only 35 percent of Android devices experienced issues. Even over a year after my initial purchase, my Android works flawlessly. By manufacturing longer-lasting phones, Android saves the customer time and money. And if your Android does break, most times you can just buy the one part that broke and quickly fix your phone yourself. For example, Android devices, unlike Apple, have battery slots on the back of the device that can open, allowing the battery to be easily replaced if it were to die.

Fight against the common trends. Get the product that works for you. Go Android.