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Commercialization techniques manipulate shoppers

Black Friday, which is honored by companies with low prices and heavy discounts, is one of America’s biggest days for sales. According
to the New York Post, customers spent an average of $520 on Black Friday in 2018.

Ryan Lemberger

January 17, 2020

As the holiday season rolls around, stores increase marketing and advertising to get customers through their doors, with successful stores showcasing unique twists and deals on products. However, some advertisements are misleading. Consumers do not realize that advertisements highlight positive aspect...

Abbreviations spell out confusion for older texters

Left to right, juniors Rachel Fisher of Ocean and Olivia McCarthy of Howell view a text.

Beatrice Karron and Will McHale

January 17, 2020

As technology evolves, the ways people communicate with one another follow suit. Over the last few years, as phone conversations began to replace face-to-face communication, texting has become its own “language” as new slang develops and new emojis emerge.  Perhaps the most commonly used abbreviation,...

Internet access raises privacy concerns

MCVSD has used Google Apps for Education and has had its own G Suite since 2012.

Zoe Conner-Bennett and Brigid McCarthy

November 15, 2019

Newly-installed guest Wi-Fi has opened up doors for the MCVSD community, but users must be careful not to slam their fingers. The network has connected students to the internet, but also student activity to a new audience. According to Principal James Gleason, the administration had pushed for guest Wi...

Automation: a blessing in disguise for the unemployed

In the summertime, badge-checking is a popular job amongst teenagers. But this job may soon become obsolete due to increased technology.

Ryan Swanson

June 20, 2019

It’s 2040. Kids around the world are dead broke, and at no fault of their own. Work just simply doesn’t exist. The “summer job” has become an obsolete novelty, ground under the boot of economic progress because a piece of machinery can do their jobs slightly more efficiently than they could eve...

Apple’s tech reign begins to rot

The Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City.

Eliane Tapia

March 15, 2019

It seems that with every passing day, technology advances exponentially. Now, phones have the capability to track things like health and sleep, and complete tasks with a simple voice command. Through the years, Apple has dominated the technology market with their watch, computer and smartphone sales. ...

Artificial intelligence needs more regulation

Elon Musk speaks at the 2008 Web 2.0 Summit, featuring discussions about technology and the internet.

Caroline Monaghan

June 15, 2018

Self-driving cars, thermostats that learn your heating and cooling needs and digital personal assistants: welcome to the multi-billion dollar industry of artificial intelligence (AI). Nearly 50 years before Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google, scientists began to explore the potential of AI, ...

Radio stays relevant, keeps up with evolving technology

Radio stays relevant, keeps up with evolving technology

Jacynth Apora and Rebecca Heath

May 4, 2018

The use of traditional radio seems to be decreasing as alternatives such as Spotify, iTunes, podcasts and more grow. But, studies show that traditional radio remains popular, with 42,940,000 Americans still listening to radio stations of Cumulus Media Holdings Inc, a radio broadcasting stations company, ...

Teens experience peer pressure through technology

Social media has been proven to contribute to  peer pressure in teens.

Caroline Monaghan

September 15, 2017

The pressure we feel comes from much more than solely our peers. TV shows, movies and social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram create internal pressure for teenagers. But peer pressure is not a constant negative, nor does it function the way one sees in the movies. The National Center on Addiction and Substan...

Why today’s teens aren’t getting enough sleep: Technology

Technology has been proven to affect sleep patterns, especially in teens.

Alexis Colucci

September 15, 2017

Phones plugged into bedside outlets, televisions blaring at nighttime and laptops dinging with notifications come as nothing new to teens. Neither is the lack of sleep that tech can cause. Technology impacts the vast majority of teens, with more than three quarters of teens having access to cellpho...

Technology has popularized poetry

Photo by Steve Johnson through Creative Commons.

Grace Treshock

December 22, 2016

“Poetry is not the kind of thing people are going to run into on their own,” poet and associate professor Kyle Dargan of American University told CNN. “It’s not Jurassic World.” Dargan was proved correct when Nielsen Bookscan, a data provider for the book publishing industry, followed the...

Android has benefits, Apple lacks

Some students prefer Android products over Apple products.

Sally Ehlers

December 22, 2016

The amount of variety in smartphones is overwhelming, even unbelievable, but Apple conquers the industry. As an owner of an Android, I am often questioned about my choice. “Do you wish you had an iPhone?” they ask. “Why would you buy an Android?” No, I do not want an iPhone. Apple pr...

Social media is changing the way people consume news

Technology has been proven to affect sleep patterns, especially in teens.

Lauren Spiezia

December 22, 2016

In a world ruled by the internet, social media platforms make news more accessible to the public, but can also further the divide between people on opposing sides of social and political issues, especially in recent events. About 50 percent of social network users have shared or reposted news articl...

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