Evolution Should Be Taught in Public Schools


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Some believe that the topic of evolution contradicts teachings in the bible.

Maria Maroko

When you consider how many scientific advancements have been made even in the past few decades, it seems almost ludicrous that widely accepted scientific theories such as evolution would still be disputed on the grounds that it does not match a dogmatic religious theory. However, the topic of whether evolution should be taught in schools due to its contradicting creationism is still debated to this day.

According to The Bulletin, an independent, nonprofit magazine, creationism is the belief that God created all of Earth. Since the first section of the bible, also known as Genesis, teaches that God created the entire Earth and its inhabitants in the span of 7 days. this directly contradicts the theory of evolution, which states that it took million of years for animals to reach their modern forms. Since the theory of evolution disproves the theory of creationism, some argue that it should not be discussed in public schools.

While people are free to express their religious beliefs, this does not mean that they have the right to impose this on others. One of the core American principles  is the separation of church and state, as shown by the establishment clause of the first amendment, which, according to the Atlantic, states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”. This means that religious institutions cannot ethically have any sort of influence on the government. Public schools are sponsored by the government and are legally part of the state. It is immoral to force religious views upon public schools.

Some argue that because the evolutionary theory has holes in it, it should not be taught. Creationists have many questions about evolutionary theory they believe are unanswered, such as, how life evolved from non-life, according to the website Creation Today,.

But even if questions are unanswered concerning  evolutionary theory,it still has facts to back it up. Creationism is based on belief alone. Evolutionary theory can still be taught as what it is: a theory, without necessarily representing it as fact.

In short, evolutionary theory should be taught in public schools, even if it contradicts the principles of creationism.