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To get their child through the school year, some parents are forced to rely on donations from classmates and teachers.

Summer math classes add to the equation

Isabella Antoon September 13, 2019

While students are often found spending their summers at the beach or in bed, some choose to spend their time in a less likely spot; back in school. CHS offers students an opportunity to advance in courses...

Math teacher Paula Gilligan teaches in the cafeteria, which became a makeshift classroom during the relocation.

Mold, mold, grow away: CHS responds to humid climate

Alexis Colucci and Sarah McNey January 20, 2019

Typically, students gather in the CHS cafeteria to socialize. But at the end of September, students gathered to learn algebra. Following the discovery of mold growth in four classrooms, principal James...

Students have their own opinions on their appearance in school.

CHS divided over the importance of school fashion

Izzy Erskine May 4, 2018

At 11:30 p.m., junior Grace Treshock of Monmouth Beach knows she should be in bed, but as per usual, she has spent the last 20 minutes staring at her closet with possible outfit combinations running through...

Some believe that the topic of evolution contradicts teachings in the bible.

Evolution Should Be Taught in Public Schools

Maria Maroko March 5, 2018

When you consider how many scientific advancements have been made even in the past few decades, it seems almost ludicrous that widely accepted scientific theories such as evolution would still be disputed...

Many jobs during the school year: more stress than money

Tess Rempel November 16, 2017

The dawn of a new school year often makes students think about which activities outside of school are really worth their time. According to, 4.7 million teenagers consider a job to...

EICs Izzy Cavazzoni and Courtney Kushnir look back on their time with The Inkblot.

Gender-neutral bathrooms would bring acceptance

May 17, 2016

In December 2015, one of Cherry Hill East High School’s faculty bathrooms got some new signage. The school, located in Cherry Hill, N.J., was the first in its district to implement a gender-neutral bathroom,...

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