Students weigh in on summer food spots

Local restaurants satisfy hungry students when the weather turns warm


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Dairy Queen is a popular ice cream chain with many NJ locations. Ice cream is the number one summer treat, according to Delish.

Tess Rempel and Emily Toro

Burgers sizzling on grills. Ice cream melting in bowls. Food is an essential factor in every teenager’s summer. CHS students weighed in on their favorite summer food spots and trends in preparation for the upcoming season.

One of the more popular spots to snack, Playa Bowls, drew mixed feelings from students. Playa Bowls expects to make over $30 million in sales this summer and specializes in pureed fruits with toppings such as granola, coconut and Nutella, according to the Asbury Park Press.

Sophomore Katherine Lombardi of Middletown said that Playa Bowls isn’t worth the cost.

“I think Playa Bowls is just too expensive. I mean, it’s like ten dollars for one bowl of fruit,” Lombardi said.

Senior Felicia Aschettino of Long Branch agreed with Lombardi.

“I love Playa but I do think it can be overhyped at times,” Aschettino said.

Besides fruit bowls, the many options to eat at the beach helps to create an agenda for the summer.

“It’s super amazing that all of these places are so close to the beach! I love being able to walk to the beach after getting a meal or leaving the beach early for dinner. Living in a beach town is super great for me and my friends,” said sophomore Jordan Durkin of Ocean.

For more substantial options, students suggested spots for dinner and late night bites.

“I love going to Windmill, as it offers great food even late at night,” Aschettino said.

Besides burgers and fries, pizza is also a favorite among many. According to The Atlantic, about one in eight Americans eat a slice of pizza on any given day, which correlates to more popularity in the summer.  

“I like Talula’s in Asbury. It’s a pizza place and is definitely one of my favorites,” Durkin said.

Popular summer treats like ice cream and Italian ices are also strong favorites among students. People have ruled ice cream the number one summer treat, according to Delish.  

Junior Clare Toman of Spring Lake Heights agreed that ice cream is one of the best summer foods. She favors Strollo’s in Long Branch.

“All of the places around do not have as good Italian ices as Strollo’s. I go there as much as I can. In the rain, in the sun… every single place in the world is not as good as Strollo’s,” said Toman.

Others enjoy frozen treats at places like Coney Waffle, an ice cream shop located in Belmar that specializes in “freakshakes,” often captured on Instagram. The shakes, costing $15, are made with about ten scoops of ice cream and include dessert items like candy and donuts, according to Spoon University.

“I like Coney Waffle because they have ice cream that is unique and not found elsewhere,” Lombardi said.

From burgers and fries to late night snacking, the summer is a time for all to indulge. Although the hype of certain trends may get in the way, most commend shore foods for both convenience and originality.