Students enjoy a night ‘in the city’ at Winter Ball


Drew Lepping

Students of all grades attended the dance hosted by the sophomore class.

Nicole Sestito

The Class of 2021 created the aesthetic of Golden Hour in New York City on Friday, Jan. 11 for the annual Winter Ball dance in the cafeteria.

From the metro card tickets and taxi cutouts to the Statue of Liberty and graffiti on the walls, the sophomore class council met the expectations of their theme. The council decided on bagels, soft pretzels and hot dogs as ‘New York City food’ to serve to CHS students and their guests.

Sophomore class president Georgia Trentalange of Middletown said that the council’s preparation made a difference in planning the event.

“I had lots of fun going from committee to committee to help where I could,” Trentalange said. “It wasn’t stressful because we gave ourselves ample time to get everything done and had so many people helping.”

A focal point of the dance was the copious art that filled the cafeteria. Large art boards of different elements portraying the theme of Golden Hour in New York City lined the walls.

Sophomore Catie Procyk of Colts Neck was one of the co-heads of the art committee.

“Everyone really put a lot of time and effort into each [art board] and I think it showed,” Procyk said. “We planned them out by measuring out a sun, horizon lines, and even made a gradient for [the painters] to follow loosely.”

Students of all grades attended the dance,  including junior Riley Rademacher of Wall who said she enjoyed her time at Winter Ball for the social aspect and theme.

“The theme of the dance was cool and executed really well,” Rademacher said. “I did have fun because who doesn’t love dancing around with all your friends.”