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SkillsUSA and NTHS close out Spirit Week with Homecoming dance

Students dance at the 'Black and Gold' themed event.

Emma Barofsky

November 2, 2019

After the end of Fall Spirit Week, SkillsUSA and NTHS hosted the third annual Homecoming dance on Friday, Nov. 1. The club organized its members into food, decoration, and advertisement committees during the planning process to make the “Black and Gold” theme come to life. Senior and SkillsUSA P...

Students rock out at 80s themed back to school dance

The annual back to school dance was ‘80s themed, and the cafeteria was lined with bright colors, cassette tapes and other classic 80s paraphernalia.

Meredith Prud'homme

September 26, 2019

Scrunchies and neon attire filled the dance floor as the Class of 2020 hosted the first dance of the school year on Friday, Sept. 13. The annual back to school dance was ‘80s themed, and the cafeteria was lined with bright colors, cassette tapes and other classic 80s paraphernalia. A total of 140 s...

Shubov dances her way to international success

Shubov performs at the 2018 YAGP finals in New York City

Madison Beekman

May 10, 2019

Standing behind the stage on which hundreds of people would watch her perform, freshman Renee Shubov of Marlboro practiced her solo over and over. After her final run-through, she fixed the ribbons of her pointe shoes and stepped in front of the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) audience and judges. ...

Students enjoy a night ‘in the city’ at Winter Ball

Students of all grades attended the dance hosted by the sophomore class.

Nicole Sestito

January 14, 2019

The Class of 2021 created the aesthetic of Golden Hour in New York City on Friday, Jan. 11 for the annual Winter Ball dance in the cafeteria. From the metro card tickets and taxi cutouts to the Statue of Liberty and graffiti on the walls, the sophomore class council met the expectations of their t...

Dancers define the role of art and beauty in sports

Senior Allie Beekman of Neptune dances to

Allie Beekman

November 21, 2018

There is one question dancers always dread, the one question where the answer is not “plié”: Is dance an art form or a sport? There are various arguments supporting both sides, and often dancers’ opinions seem to stick in the middle. Sophomore Fran McCaffrey of West Long Branch said she spends abo...

Students dance the night away at Homecoming

Sophomore Georgia Trentalange was nominated for Homecoming court.

Brian Schade

November 5, 2018

Students attended the second annual Homecoming dance in the cafeteria on Friday, Nov. 2. SkillsUSA hosted the event and gave students the opportunity to nominate and elect their peers onto a court and dance to music courtesy of the radio department, despite the absence of a football team. Junior ...

Rasp taps into her artistic passions

Rasp shows off her love for photography on the CHS runway.

Michelle Moroses

March 2, 2018

Anyone who attended Coffeehouse in the past three years probably remembers seeing junior Alyssa Rasp of Hazlet perform one of her dance routines. Rasp started dancing when she was 3 years old at a studio in Aberdeen. She began tap dancing and has continued with that style throughout the years, developing...

Class of 2020 hosts a “Night at the Oscars”

Class of 2020 hosts a

Jordan Durkin and Katherine Lombardi

January 15, 2018

CHS students had their chance to walk the red carpet at the annual Winter Ball dance, hosted by the Class of 2020. The dance was held on Jan. 12 and had the theme of “A Night At The Oscars.” The cafeteria was decked out in film-inspired decorations, including a large replica of the Hollywood ...

Can sports make you a better person?

Survey of 163 students from Oct. 24 to Oct. 27, 2017.

Lauren Arnao

December 16, 2017

When people hear about high school sports, they automatically think they are about winning or losing. They think that the numbers on the scoreboard make a difference. Though to some that’s true, to most, sports are about the lessons that are learned throughout the years. Between teamwork, leadership...

SkillsUSA hosts first ever homecoming

Students danced to hits by artists such as Nicki Minaj and Pitbull at the first ever homecoming dance.

Isabella Antoon

November 7, 2017

Despite not having a football team, students at Communications High School attended the school’s first homecoming dance on Friday Nov. 3 in the cafeteria. The dance, which SkillsUSA President and senior Emma Wilenta of Wall said was conceptualized over the summer, featured many similarities to other scho...

Senior class hosts a ‘Party in the USA’

Students celebrate a

Phoebe Drummond

September 18, 2017

CHS students put their hands up, nodded their heads like yeah and moved their hips like yeah at the back to school dance on Sep. 15 from 6:30 - 9. The senior class hosted the dance with the theme ‘Party in the USA.’ The theme was originally Communichella based off the annual music festival Coachell...

“Starry” prom night proves to be a success

Photo courtesy of @sarahtakashphotography.

Giulianna Cavazzoni

May 22, 2017

The Class of 2017 hosted the annual junior and senior prom on Friday, May 19, at Battleground Country Club in Manalapan. The theme of this year’s prom was “Starry Night.” The students arrived at the venue with their dates at 6 p.m.. The night began with cocktail hour, where the students were...

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