SkillsUSA and NTHS host annual Career Day


Marissa Ho

Students view prototypes brought in by workers from Hatteras for Career Day.

Madison Beekman

As a part of Career and Technical Education Month, students participated in the annual Career Day on Friday, Feb. 22, hosted by SkillsUSA and the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS). Students traveled from classroom to classroom, listening to guest speakers from all different jobs.

Guest speakers included Brielle Loiodice from the American Cancer Society, Katya Palsi from Minding Your Mind and Robert Bonardi, an Emmy Award Winning ABC News editor. All students and faculty ended the day in the cafeteria, where CHS alumna and keynote speaker Amanda Zukofski gave her presentation.

NTHS president and senior Connor Martin of Spring Lake Heights described the planning process, which started far in advance.

“We started a few months ago by compiling a list of potential speakers from the mentorship database, as requested by Mr. Gleason. Then, NTHS members contacted these speakers and confirmed them over a course of a month or so,” Martin said. “On the day of, NTHS members acted as liaisons for each speaker.”

Junior Juliana Greenwood of Wall is a part of NTHS and was one of the students who contacted guest speakers to ask if they would like to come.

“I contacted Brielle Loiodice from the American Cancer Society through email,” Greenwood said. “She said ‘yes’ right away, since she was familiar with the school because some seniors do mentorship there.”

Sophomore Chad Fruscione of Marlboro said that his favorite speaker was video director Frank Farrell.

“He was really down to earth and showed that if you make things happen for yourself you can accomplish your goals,” Fruscione said.

Freshman Ella Lukowiak of Wall enjoyed her first Career Day, but said she wished that there were more professions represented.

“While I loved all of the speakers, I wish there was a writer or journalist there to speak,” Lukowiak said. “Personally, I am thinking of exploring that field and it may have been helpful to have heard from someone with that experience.”

Martin said he was very happy with the way the event turned out and is thankful to everyone for cooperating and making it possible.

“All my SkillsUSA members worked incredibly hard to meet tight deadlines and I am incredibly grateful to have all of them,” Martin said.