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CHS classes, activities evolve throughout the years

CHS alumnus Bobby Picardo poses with Clevenger and principal James Gleason, respectively, in 2003.

Khushi Kadakia

March 15, 2019

Only 82 students and eight faculty members walked the halls of CHS in 2000, according to history teacher Sharyn O’Keefe, who has been a teacher at CHS since its opening in 2000. 19 years later, the school currently has 311 students and 28 faculty members. But, this change in student and faculty size is ...

Alexa! Wiretap my house

According to a survey of 115 students from Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, 2019, 47 percent of students own an Amazon Alexa.

Isabella Antoon

January 25, 2019

If you’ve ever wondered why the advertisements on your computer are often tailored to recent websites you’ve browsed, or even things you’ve discussed with friends or family, you’re not alone. With recent rumors pertaining to the government hacking into Americans’ technology to gain information,...

Users sign away privacy

Many people don't read the terms and conditions before they post and don't realize what rights they are giving up.

Meredith Prud'homme

January 25, 2019

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, millions of social media users sign away the rights to their favorite family photo or their morning latte snapshot. In 2019, privacy stands as a figment of the imagination. Companies want to know a potential buyer’s every move, turning social media from a ...

Cybercrime on the rise

An attack on the Facebook network leaked 50 million users' personal information due to bugs in the website's software.

Emily Toro

January 25, 2019

In the digital world, emails from Nigerian princes holding a relative captive or anonymous threats requesting bitcoin are all too familiar. Today, cyber threats troll the internet with massive amounts of security breaches and privacy scandals. Security specialists, computer analysts, database administrators...

To post or not to post

According to a survey of 115 students from Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, 2019, 82.6 percent of students have not gotten in trouble for something they posted online.

Kaitlyn Delaney

January 25, 2019

When colleges perform routine background checks of applicants, they look for education history, employment history, criminal records and now, social media. According to a study conducted by Kaplan Test Prep, 68 percent of colleges believe searching social media during the admissions process is “fa...

Same birthdays, different paths: twins share their experiences

Freshmen Jacob Bazer and Matthew Bazer of Ocean agreed to stay together for high school.

Riley Forrester

January 25, 2019

Sophomore Maddy Williams of Wall, one of four quadruplets, remembers her first day of freshman year vividly. She stood behind the camera and watched her three siblings take a picture without her. While they would all attend St. Rose High School together for the next four years, Williams would attend CH...

Small school dating brings varying challenges

Survey of 115 students from Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, 2019.

Brigid McCarthy

January 25, 2019

Only 2 percent of marriages in the US are between high school sweethearts, according to Brandon Gaille Marketing. It seems that CHS has beaten the odds, and not only once: several CHS graduates have gone on to marry a former classmate.   Some students find romantic success in CHS’s hallways and meet...

PSFA helps students, clubs succeed

JSA club members attend Fall State 2017 with the help of PSFA funding.

Madison Beekman

January 25, 2019

Last year, Junior States of America (JSA) struggled to keep convention opportunities open to all members due to budget cuts. This year, hoping to get back on its feet, junior and JSA council member Dane Tedder of Ocean attended a Parent Student Faculty Association (PSFA) meeting and received a full gra...

CHS night classes offer adults new skills, knowledge

CHS is one school within the MCVSD that offers night school.

Katherine Lombardi

January 25, 2019

After CHS closes its doors to teenagers across Monmouth County, it welcomes a new group of students ready to learn: Adults seeking to upgrade their skills or explore a new career. For them, the end of high school or college doesn’t have to equate to the end of one’s education. CHS serves as ju...

Toman adventures across both sides of scouting

Toman, right, poses with members of Venturing Crew 4385.

Tess Rempel

January 25, 2019

Finding someone who has met the producers of Tarantino movies, explored Czech graveyards and swam with barracudas is not easy to come by. But as a Girl Scout for 13 years and a Boy Scout for five, senior Clare Toman of Spring Lake Heights has lived a multitude of experiences. Toman joined the Girl Scouts when she was on...

Licenses drive up student spending

Survey of 115 students from Jan. 7 to Jan. 14, 2019.

Mia Gallo

January 25, 2019

Junior year of high school comes with a slew of new responsibilities: taking the SATs, starting the college search and for most students, getting their driver’s license. The frequent trips across Monmouth County that parents used to make now carry a price tag for most students, along with a set of a...

Students share their Thanksgiving plans

The first Thanksgiving was recorded to be in 1621.

Meredith Prud'homme

December 12, 2018

Every year, towards the end of November, 46 million turkeys are sold nationwide, according to the University of Illinois. A meeting on the Plymouth Plantation between the pilgrims and the natives in 1621 has transformed into a commercial holiday filled with parades, football games and time spent with frien...

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