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Recipe: Berry filled Hamantaschen

Berry filled Hamantaschen

Phoebe Drummond

January 17, 2018

My mom, who was raised Jewish, always stocks our cabinets with a few batches of delicious Hamantaschen, a traditional Jewish cookie. But this year, their sweet, buttery taste proved to be extremely versatile. My younger sister is currently a freshman at Red Bank Catholic High School. In her English...

Recipe: Peanut butter sandwich cookies

Peanut butter sandwich cookies

Bridget Woodrow

January 17, 2018

As I walked through Whole Foods the other night, my sister excitedly showed me a display of peanut butter sandwich cookies. Immediately, we both were brought back to the days where we would spend hours baking and playing around in the kitchen with our mom. The cookies had been a family favorite for as...

Cookies a tradition for many during the holidays

Photo obtained through Creative Commons.

Madeline Holobinko

December 22, 2016

From colorful sugar cookies to smiling gingerbread men, holiday cookies are considered a special tradition to many people all over the world. With variations like Italian cartellata cookies, Dutch kerstkransjes, Chinese almond cookies and more, it is hard not to hear about people making these decadents...

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