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CHS students worry that with virtual learning, snow days are in danger.

Virtual learning calls for rain check on beloved snow days

Mackenzie Prince and Jordan Juliano April 14, 2022

CHS students and teachers feel that the traditional snow day, forever filled with relaxation, may be in danger. Since virtual learning took over due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many school districts have...

The 180 day school year requirement has resulted in  added days to the end of the year and the extension of finals.

Snowy days at home met with joy and frustration

Phoebe Drummond May 4, 2018

Tucked away from the cold under her white duvet cover, the view of a winter wonderland out her bedroom window and a binder in her lap, Tali Petto, a junior from Marlboro, has spent each of her snow days...

Messy winter affects school schedules

Messy winter affects school schedules

Emma Wilenta February 22, 2015
By EMMA WILENTA - MCVSD students experienced all three possible school schedule changes this winter during Winter Storm Juno, an early dismissal, delayed opening and snow day.
How to make the most of a frigid winter in Monmouth County

How to make the most of a frigid winter in Monmouth County

Kate Ridoux and Izzy Cavazzoni January 15, 2015
BY ISABELLA CAVAZZONI AND KATHERINE RIDOUX - New Jersey winters can be unforgiving for its residents. Winter temperatures have averaged a chilly 31.3 degrees Fahrenheit in New Jersey, according to WeatherWorks. As a result, New Jerseyans have a limited range of activities at their fingertips in the frigid months.
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