Coronavirus Update: MCVSD now closed for two weeks

“Long term school closures are inevitable…each district will be closed for a prolonged period,” Gov. Murphy says.

Katherine Lombardi

As the Coronavirus becomes a growing concern across Monmouth County and the MCVSD, the Inkblot will provide ongoing web coverage, following our original print story published on Mar. 9, in order to keep students and parents updated. This is the fourth installment in our series.

In a press conference this afternoon, Governor Phil Murphy said it would likely be “a matter of days” before school districts are compelled to enact long-term closures. 

“It is a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’,” Murphy said. “We’re working toward the inevitability that every district will be closed for a prolonged period of time.”

Minutes after the conference, Freehold Regional High School District closed schools for two weeks. The district, which contains six high schools, will not return to regular classes until Mar. 27. Middletown Township Public School District then announced that they will close for at least two weeks. 

As two of the biggest sending districts for MCVSD, Freehold and Middletown are often used as precursor districts in the process of determining a closure. The likeliness of MCVSD closing schools for a prolonged time could then possibly rise, especially when combined with Murphy’s statement. At 4:23 p.m., the MCVSD then announced the district will be closed until Mar. 27. 

As of Mar. 13, 21 school districts within Monmouth County have closed, including the MCVSD, within the last week. Nineteen have closed for precautionary cleanings or professional development days. Red Bank Regional closed due to a student testing presumptive positive for the Coronavirus and Upper Freehold Regional closed due to a concern about “potential exposure to COVID-19 in the school community,” according to the N.J. State Department of Education. 

According to health officials, three new Monmouth County individuals tested positive for Coronavirus. Due to the volume of activity, exact towns have yet to be released. The overall N.J. total is now 50 cases. 

In addition, multiple schools across Monmouth County already canceled or suspended spring athletic seasons, as well as standardized tests such as the SAT. The CHS PSFA postponed their annual gift auction to Friday, June 12 due to safety concerns. 

The Inkblot welcomes any submissions of information regarding the Coronavirus in respect to CHS cancellations, postponements and other changes, especially from student leaders, faculty and parents. Please email Katherine Lombardi at [email protected] to submit any tips.