Technology changes career accessibility and applications

The job market changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many to rely on technology.


The job market changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many to rely on technology.

Nina Kolodchak

As many continue to practice social distancing in the midst of COVID-19, it has become difficult to participate in once normal activities. Careers that entail physical contact with others have transitioned to social distanced and virtual methods of communication.

Websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed have become vital sources for those applying for a job or seeking to hire dependable employees. According to LinkedIn, three people are hired per minute using their website, a number that may increase as the world continues to adapt virtually to these unprecedented circumstances.

Similar to LinkedIn, many products and services benefited from social media promotions, most notably TikTok and Instagram advertisements, as well as celebrities.

Senior Jacynth Apora of Manalapan noted that Kelly U is a notable example of influencers that promote products using their platform.

“Kelly U is definitely an influencer that promotes lots of different brands and services,” said Apora. “She uses her Instagram platform to promote self- love and acceptance, so she’s promoted products such as Dove, as this company is known for being very inclusive. I think that promoting products on social media, especially those that fit with the influencer’s overall personality and message, is important, because it helps the audience connect with a brand even if it isn’t in person.”

Furthermore, those who continue to work, even without the help of technology, must adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. Skyler Glusman of Middletown noted that though her job as a hostess is more difficult due to COVID-19, those around her have made this task less overwhelming.

“Everyone I serve has to follow mask protocol, and part of my job as a hostess is to make sure that people wear masks. This leads to me getting yelled at by angry people who disagree with wearing masks. We aren’t allowed to seat people at certain places in the restaurant due to the virus, but sometimes people don’t realize this and just seat themselves, which leads to the servers and myself getting messed up,” stated Glusman. “It’s helpful that the owner is actually really strict with masks mandates, and this makes my workplace a much safer environment.”

In spite of these difficult circumstances, it is clear that with the help of technology and those around them, those pursuing a career can continue to succeed.