Captain question: Why do you think your team will win Color Wars?


Blot photo by Alyssa Rasp

Former student Brigid Garrett of Wall and current junior Evan Kuo of Tinton Falls at Color Wars 2018.

Will Carragher

Blot photos by Will Carragher

“Because we are incredible.” – Kiera Gill, Red Team
“White Team is When you’ve got Vanilla Ice on your side, how could you go wrong.” – Rebecca Rippon, White Team
“I think the Pink Team has a chance of winning, but I won’t be there so I don’t know if they’ll have a chance.” – Greer Shanley, Pink Team
“The Purple Platoon is going to win Color Wars because Mr. Woolley went to the real war so Color Wars is nothing.” – Mia Gallo, Purple Team
“We have no plan, we have no sheets sent out, we have nobody signed up for events. But we have the most heart, so we’re going to bring it home.” – Jackson Pack, Green Team
“We have Godkin.” – Sabrina Gao, Black Team
“Navy team is going to win Color Wars because JVV rhymes with NaVV.” – Amanda DiBenedetto, Navy Team
“You ain’t never had a team like us.” – Erica Sammarco, Blue Team
“If I’m being honest with you, I don’t think we have a shot at winning Color Wars. Team looks to be a real disappointment. We don’t really have any athletes, no artistic people, so I don’t see this going anywhere.” – Ron Cole, Orange Team
“It’s not so much of a “think” thing, it’s more of a “know” thing. We got the best team, we got the best theme, we got the best captains. There’s not really a possibility of anything else that’s happening.” – Michael Topper, Yellow Team