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Students promote their clubs on social media in hopes of better attendance.

Social media affects CHS club participation

Sofia Santillo November 22, 2023

While scrolling on social media, CHS students will likely see a post from a school- wide organization. It might have been a reminder from the Cultural Communications Club (CCC) or The Inkblot about events...

The lack of leadership positions being passed down during COVID leads to less interest in clubs at CHS.

Every meeting continues to count: CHS club participation on the decline

Phineaus Whedon May 20, 2022

Every rise has its fall, and this feeling resonates now more than ever with CHS clubs, almost all of which are seeing dwindling rates of attendance. After the Club Fair in September sparked interest...

Breakfast sales return and students are enjoying the yummy food and revenue that comes with it.

CHS clubs get a run for their money during the pandemic

Ronit Khromchenko and Dara Fisher January 28, 2022

Like the rest of Communications High School, the landscape of clubs has had to change and adapt with the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the largest clubs at CHS, The Cultural Communications Club (CCC), provides...

Club fair is back at CHS and the students are eager to participate in clubs again.

Clubs and extracurriculars adapt in the new school year

Zaina Saif and Jacqueline Litowinsky September 17, 2021

Though remote learning disrupted much of the school environment, the impact of COVID-19 was hardly limited to the classroom. Many non-academic school activities, such as clubs and extracurriculars, were...

The transfer of power for clubs, as seen Photo Clubs 2019 council election, has been very hard this year, especially since most clubs were not able to meet over the 2020-2021 school year. Student are worried that the traditions and values of the clubs wont be handed down.

CHS clubs and the transfer of power

Lillian Chen and Brigid McCarthy May 5, 2021

Isabella Carmona-Ramirez of Long Branch, in her junior year, accepted the position of Art Director for the CHS Drama Club and started managing publicity for The Commons, CHS’s literary magazine, all...

The Junior State of America (JSA), which held the mock Democratic primary debate shown here, is one of the clubs not able to officially continue this school year.

Coronavirus causes concerns for clubs

Ella Lukowiak October 9, 2020

COVID-19 has taken a toll on society, leaving people trying to find a way to assert a new normal in a world that is anything but that. With the start of September, CHS and schools all around the world...

Senior Ryan Swanson of Manasquan performs at Battle of the Bands
2019. Due to the school closure and government restrictions, this event
will not happen this year.

Clubs and class councils deal with fundraising issues

Kristen Gallagher and Zaina Saif May 8, 2020

MCVSD students were notified that schools would be closed through Mar. 27 due to the novel coronavirus. Then, they got the news that it would be extended through April 10. They did not know when schools...

Students perform in Drama Clubs 2017 production of Its a Wonderful Life, which Bengle advised.

Advisers showcase their outside interests through clubs

Tess Rempel November 15, 2019

Math doesn’t have anything to do with religion, and debate doesn’t have anything to do with physics, but to CHS’s club advisers, that doesn’t matter.  While many advisers teach material very different...

According to USA Today, the United States currently ranks third in the world in waste per capita, producing 230 million tons of waste per year with less than a quarter being recycled.

CHS Students and Staff Advocate for Change

Aidan Cole November 15, 2019

With the effects of global warming growing more potent, the world has been scrambling for solutions. Communications High School has a few of their own.  Teachers have found ways to help protect the...

Students sign up for clubs that had stands in the cafeteria on Friday the 13th.

Students attend annual Club Fair

Emma Barofsky September 21, 2019

At the annual Club Fair on Friday, Sept. 13, students were given the opportunity to sign up for the clubs offered at CHS in the cafeteria during lunch. Every year, this event allows individuals to choose...

CHS alumnus Bobby Picardo poses with Clevenger and principal James Gleason, respectively, in 2003.

CHS classes, activities evolve throughout the years

Khushi Kadakia March 15, 2019

Only 82 students and eight faculty members walked the halls of CHS in 2000, according to history teacher Sharyn O’Keefe, who has been a teacher at CHS since its opening in 2000. 19 years later, the school...

JSA club members attend Fall State 2017 with the help of PSFA funding.

PSFA helps students, clubs succeed

Madison Beekman January 25, 2019

Last year, Junior States of America (JSA) struggled to keep convention opportunities open to all members due to budget cuts. This year, hoping to get back on its feet, junior and JSA council member Dane...

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