Castle explains and promotes Constitution party


Sarah Lynch

Students attend meeting for Darrell Castle, portrayed by junior Matthew Avena of Middletown.

Neil Estrada

Constitutional party candidate Darrell Castle will be represented by junior Matthew Avena of Middletown in this year’s CHS mock election.

On Oct. 14, Avena hosted his first meeting for the candidate to explain the lesser-known Constitution Party platform, which he summarized as “to follow the Constitution”. Major principles of this philosophy are more conservative ideas like more state power instead of federal power, lowering taxes, lowering spending and non-involvement in wars. He also has what many would consider libertarian traits like legalizing marijuana and keeping the government out of personal affairs like gay marriage.

Avena claimed to be more libertarian than Gary Johnson.

“Gary Johnson is just a moderate Republican that wants to legalize marijuana,” Avena said. “Gary Johnson is getting a lot of media attention because he doesn’t know what he is doing.”

Avena said he plans to win the election through promoting of Darrell rather than demoting other candidates, and he believes Castle as a candidate has quite a bit to offer.

“He was a lawyer for 25 years and served in the military for four years,” Avena said. “Darrell knows the law and he knows how to serve his country.”

Avena will begin campaigns and rallies this upcoming week, hoping to gain the support of the students.

“Just because we don’t have a lot of votes nationwide doesn’t mean that we can’t win this schoolwide.”