Castle gains support at second rally


Delia Noone

Avena discusses the many social issues the U.S. is facing.

Neil Estrada

Junior Matt Avena of Middletown is representing Constitutional Party candidate Darrell Castle in the mock election and just held his second political rally of the campaign today.

Unlike yesterday’s rally, which was booed when he announced it in the cafeteria, this one got clapping upon announcement.

“Donald Trump admitted to starting the booing, and once he started many of his supporters joined in,” Avena said. “I think it was very disrespectful and I expected more out of a presidential candidate.”

As for the rally itself, there were about 60 to 70 viewers, most of which stayed the whole time opposed to the 20 yesterday.

“I think today went better because people are beginning to see the truth behind my message,” Avena said.

The issues covered were mainly social ones, although there was overlap from yesterday’s economic speech. Some major topics covered were student loans, private matters staying private, prison, and marijuana.

“Our prisons can’t hold serious offenders because they are full with people convicted of nonviolent drug offenses,” Avena said. “We need to decriminalize marijuana.”

Sophomore Kate Dickenson of Spring Lake Heights said she thought Castle really knew his stuff.

“He definitely earned my election buck,” Dickenson said.

Avena’s next event will be a rally concerning Foreign and Domestic Policy tomorrow, Wednesday, Oct.19.