Castle discusses foreign policy

Neil Estrada

Junior Matt Avena of Middletown is representing Constitutional Party candidate Darrell Castle in the mock election, and he held his third rally of the campaign, which focused on foreign policy today. The meeting had a turnout of  50-60 students, mainly freshmen.

Before the meeting, freshman Vaughn Batista of Tinton Falls talked about the election and why he believed you should vote for Hillary Clinton.  After Batista’s speech, Avena began his rally with a new face to many, his running mate junior Jack Toohey of Middletown, representing Scott Bradley.

Toohey introduced himself briefly and stated some facts about Bradley, such as his Ph.D. in Constitutional Law.

“We can not go around the world poking our heads into every snake’s head we come across,” Toohey said, referring to his non-interventionist policies.

After Toohey finished, Avena discussed his views on military conflicts, foreign policy, illegal immigration, involvement in war abroad and the United States’ involvement in the United Nation (UN).

“We should only engage in military conflicts when congress issues a declaration of war” Avena said.

To end the meeting, Avena handed out candy to those still watching. Avena said he is eager for tomorrow’s debate.

“I’m looking forward to the debate and am excited to share my views and stances out to a large audience,” Avena said.  

Avena’s next event will be a rally covering a general overview of the campaign tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 21.