Johnson talks strategy

Colin Martin

The Gary Johnson Campaign, headed by freshmen Sawyer Barth of Tinton Falls, kicked off his third campaign meeting of this year’s mock election on Wednesday Oct. 19.

The meeting took place in the freshman hallway as Barth called for his staff to come together and discuss their strategy to beat out the competition. Among the attendees were campaign manager Evan Kuo of Tinton Falls; and co-treasurers Meredith Prud’homme of Ocean Township and Isabella Antoon of Oceanport. Noticeably absent was spokesperson Emily Madeira, who when asked said that she was too busy to attend.

Barth said that himself and Kuo decided that it was necessary to “emphasize the importance of posters and other advertising ideas in getting the campaign’s name and message communicated to the public”.

After the meeting, many students could be seen working for the campaign. Some started work on posters, while others handed out cookies in exchange for election bucks and pledges of support.

Co-treasurer Antoon commented on what the campaign was planning to use its current election bucks for.

“[We will] submit a TV ad as well as [put] up multiple posters throughout the school in order to encourage voters to register as independents and vote for Gary Johnson,” Antoon said.

The campaign also set up a twitter and instagram account to spread the word about their candidate, with the slogan ‘You In’?